Friday, April 3, 2009

Leprechaun Trap!

Owen's latest project for kindergarten was to create a leprechaun trap. The goal was to try and trap a leprechaun (obviously) and write about the process of making it and trapping him in their scientific journal. Owen had a great time planning it out. We wrapped the shoebox in paper, then cut a hole in the top of it. Then, we made a pot out of a paper cup wrapped in black paper, cut the bottom out of the cup, and stuck it in the hole. Owen taped gold coins to the inside of the shoebox, "So when the leprechaun looks into the pot he'll see the gold, but can't get it out because it's taped." He didn't want the leprechaun to have an easy time accessing the pot of gold, do he made a maze of shamrocks that the little guy had to weave through first. The night before he had to take his trap and journal to school, we set up the trap in the middle of the living room floor, hoping the leprechaun would pay us a visit in the night. The next morning, Owen bolted down the stairs to see. There was a trail of magic green dust leading from the patio door to the trap, through the shamrocks, and all around the pot of gold. There was even some inside the pot, but no sign of the leprechaun. Owen wasn't the least bit disappointed though and said, "Yeah, I've heard that leprechauns are really hard to trap...sneaky little buggers! I'll get one next year!"