Friday, December 12, 2008

So long football...hello basketball!

Time to move to an indoor sport for a few months! Unfortunately, the Trojans ended their football season yesterday with a loss in the quarterfinals of state playoffs. It was a great season...undefeated until yesterday. The kids were troopers, going to all the JV games on Monday afternoons as well as all the varsity games Friday nights. Lauren grew more and more engrossed in the cheerleaders as the season went on. She now spends a good deal of her days cheering...amazingly she knows at least 4 or 5 cheers (way more than her mom can do!) Owen had fun watching all his high school buddies out on the field...he could pick out about 10-15 uniforms and could tell you who they were. After going to 20+ games this season, it was inevitable that the kids would learn the Trojan fight song. Along with the cheers, we get the pleasure of hearing "Auburn Trojans, hats off to thee" sung at the top of their lungs. The kids were true Trojan football fans. It was sad to see such a great season come to an end, but Abe is happy not having to pull double duty coaching football and basketball at the same time. The kids are happy too...Lauren still gets to watch her cheerleaders in the gym, and quite a few of Owen's football buddies will be hitting the court. Go Trojans!